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Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium that are placed into the jaw. Teeth are screwed on these titanium roots. Thanks to dental implants, patients have natural-looking teeth that feel like their own.

To have dental implants
1- Patient must not have any serious health problems that endanger the patients’ general health.
For instance;
• Cancer,
• Systemic disease ( diabetes, hemophilia, liver failure, blood stream disease, etc.)
• Those who has suffered heart attack,
• Those who use cardiac pacemaker and cardiac valve prosthesis,
• Blood diseases, haemostasis, hemophilia,
• Bone diseases,
• Those who have undergone transplanting,

2- Surgical Difficulties: patient must be able to open his mouth wide enough and must have enough bone and gap for implants.
3- Age: There is no top limit for adults. However, with the youngsters, girls must have attained the age of 16-17 and boys must have attained the age of 18.

Endurance of Implants
Endurance of healthy teeth and healthy implants is the same. Healthy teeth and implant have the same chance in that sense. However, general health condition and reduced daily care and cleaning are the factors which change the endurance.

Success of Dental Implants
Success is linked to following main factors:
- A good general health and good daily care.
- A successful surgery conducted in the most ideal conditions ( a surgery conducted by an experienced and educated team, specialized in implants in a sterilized environment).
- Dentist preference of a good implant system which is not cheap ( In our clinic Branemark system implants are used. Branemark implant systems is an expensive but the most enduring and reliable system).
- - If the patient does not smoke too much and not take alcoholic drinks and acidified food too much or not that much before and after the surgery, this may lead to 100% success.
Any failure in such conditions adversely effects the success.

Compliance of Dental Implants with the Body
Implants are made of titanium. Biological integration of titanium is perfect. For that reason, it is not possible for the body to reject it ( reaction to foreign agent). Other reasons should be searched for implants that have not endured. ( Unsuccessful surgery, bad mouth hygiene, any previous infection, negative pressure, cheap implant systems, etc.)

Guarantee Period of Parts of Dental Implants
This totally is related to the implant company that the dental clinic is working with. Guarantee period provided by Branemark systems parts is 10 years.

Are Dental Implants Expensive?
Dental implants require a periodic treatment and an equipped clinic with an educated team. Since all implants and upper parts are imported, practice of dental implants is more expensive compared to routine dentistry treatments. However, when the treatment and acquired functions are taken into consideration, dental implants are not really expensive. For all the patients who have had dental implants say that the money is worth it. What is important here is that the patients get the exact worth of their money.

General Information on Implant Surgery
In general, local anesthesia is administered in implant surgery. Following the operation, there may be pain and local inflammation after a tooth or impacted tooth is extracted. This is remedied with medication before and after the operation.
- It takes 15-20 minutes to place one dental implant. The entire surgery takes maximum 40 minutes from the start until completion. The period may vary in case of more than one implant and immediate loading cases.
- For one dental implant, there is a waiting period of 3-4 months. Later on, chromes are completed in a couple of sessions.
- If the required conditions exist, upper dental prosthesis could be completed on the day the implant is placed and with such fixed prosthesis, it is possible to eat food. This practice is called “Immediate Loading”. (sample case1) (sample case2 ) (sample case3 ) (sample case4 )

Some of the Dental Implant Practiced in our Clinic:
- One missing tooth. (sample case1) (sample case2) (sample case3) (sample case4)
- Partial Denture. (sample case 1 ) (sample case 2) (sample case 3)
- Lower jaw total denture. (sample case 1 ) (sample case 2 ) (sample case 3 )
- Upper jaw total denture . (sample case 1 ) (sample case 2 )

Information included in this website is for information purposes only. It shall not be relied on as dentist’s examination or diagnosis.

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